Group & Event

Customized just for you

Are you a group of friends, a company or an organisation that would like to have an unforgettable experience? We are known to adjust each experience according to the expectations of our guests. Here you will find a small piece of what we have helped other groups with but only the sky is the limit.

We would love to hear about your ideas.

Outdoor Conference

Take the opportunity to consolidate your message during an outdoor conference, in an environment that activates the participants and makes them feel involved. Old roles are quickly broken up and everyone comes into a creative and innovative mindset.

We handle all logistics and are happy to help with program ideas.

Hiking Events

Hiking from A to B is so much more than the goal itself. During a hiking event you will have the opportunity to meet each other in new roles and in this magic environment.

Easy physical activity and a relaxed atmosphere make you come home rested and full with new energy and ideas from the chat in the sauna or at dinner.

Mountain Paddling

Experience a new side of the mountains, with winding rivers next to steep mountain sides. With a guide, we discover new spots from a perspective that few get the opportunity to see.

Both simpler and slightly more luxurious standard can be obtained, with good food and care of all logistics. Guaranteed adventure feeling.

Snowmobile Expedition

With strong machines we leave civilization behind us and head out into the mountains. Here miles and miles of wilderness and open mountains await.
After a few hours of riding, we reach our base camp where we meet up and eat good food and sleep in comfortable beds.

A snowmobile expedition is a perfect activity that does not require as much physical effort for those who want to come out and experience the magical nature.

Customized Events

This is just a selection of what we can help with. Please contact us for a fully customized arrangement or if you want more suggestions.