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About Deep Wild Scandinavia

Deep Wild Scandinavia is a guide company that produces experiences and courses in outdoor environments all year round. Based in Åre, Jämtland, close to central and northern Sweden and Norway, we live in the environments we guide in and it is both work and greatest passion.

Common to all tours and courses is that they need to fulfill two basic principles: solid safety and many laughter. Without it, everything else doesn’t matter.

A large part of the work in Deep Wild is performed as consulting assignment for other guide companies and event agencies.

Objective and Philosophy

The goal is to work with high quality experiences for people who value their time and are humble enough to understand that you get so much more with a guide. We are passionate about showing you the fantastic nature and giving you a better experience.

We also believe that nature, outdoor life and “outdoor” can be used as a tool for developing as a leader, person and fellow human being. On tours, the roles as manager and employee often loosen and you get closer to each other. People connect and the effects are later reflected in everyday life. On our courses, we apply experience-based learning, where everyone gets to apply what we learn hands on.

We always try to be at the forefront of updated guidelines and new tour arrangements. Every year, the experiences are refined and packaged to make them even better. The same also applies to the competence within the company – further training takes place on an ongoing basis.

Markus Nyman

Deep Wild is run by Markus Nyman, who is known for his dry humor (and laughs at his own jokes) and safe leadership style. Originally from Linköping but moved north and got rid of the dialect. He is also the one who plans and produces all tours and courses. Chairman of SFLO – Swedish Mountain Leader Organisation and helps to take the international certification “International Mountain Leader” to Sweden.

Avalanche Technician, Svelav


Wilderness Guide, Campus Åre


Wilderness First Responder, Nols


Swedish Mountain Leader, The Swedish Mountain Leader Standard

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