No Bridge Across Härjångsån

No bridge across Härjångsån in the Vålådalen Nature Reserve

Vålådalen Nature Reserve lies in western Jämtland, in the middle of Sweden, close to the border of Norway. On the trail from Vålåstugorna towards Helags and Ljungdalen there used to be a bridge across Härjångsån. In older versions of the maps of this area there is a marking of a bridge which does no longer exist. Please see map below for reference.

When the water levels are normal during the summer there is usually no problems to get across the river where the summer path goes. Early in the summer however, there may be significantly higher levels and crossing the river without an experienced guide is not recommended. This also applies when high amounts of rain is to be expected. The Härjångsån will raise quickly and can be difficult to cross. It may be useful to know when planning a hike in the area.

There are no plans to construct a new bridge at this place because of a full review of the trails in the area.

Since a few years, the suspension bridge on the trail from Storulvån to Gåsen is destroyed and there are no plans to repair it.


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