Practical info

Travel to the start

To the starts in Sweden:

Åre, Jämtland

Åre is a famous town for alpine skiing and there are many options for ski touring. Åre has a lot of different hotels and places to stay, both in the village as well as just outside. 

To Åre, it is easiest to travel by car or train. You can also fly to Åre Östersund Airport and then take a one hour transfer into the village. Another option is to fly to Trondheim Værnes and travel east to Åre. Of course we can also pick you up where you prefer. 

 Åre also has a developed system of ski shuttle buses and multiple taxi companies to transport around the areas. Of course we also may use the ski lifts to get to where we need. 

Snasahögarna, jämtland

Snasahögarna is a mountain massif in the west of Jämtland, close to the border to Norway. For courses and tours where you will not be sleeping in tents we recommend that you book accommodation with either STF Storulvåns Mountain Station or STF Enaforsholm Fjällgård. We start the tours and courses from Storulvån as this is a good starting point. 

To reach Storulvån it is easiest to travel by car or train. If you go by train you can book the trip to Enafors and from there a short transfer with bus with the company called Wänseth Buss. 

If you decide to stay in Enaforsholm you can most likely go to Storulvån and back every day with the instructor but please ask before. 

Bydalen, Jämtland

Bydalen is situated almost between the village of Åre and the city of Östersund. It is a great area for easier ski touring but also has a few steeper slopes. 

In Bydalen you can stay almost wherever you like as it is a very short distance wherever we decide to go from. We will pick you up at your cabin and drop you off there afterwards. You can also stay in Höglekardalen as it is practically just a kilometer away. 

To travel to Bydalen it is easiest to travel by car and takes roughly one hour from Östersund. You can also go by train to Östersund and then bus to Bydalen. 

Link to the regional bus transportation service 

Packing lists

Packing list for ski touring

There are some items which are important that you have on your body or under your feet. It is good if these are prepared or close by so you can put them on when we start. 

  • Skis with touring binding or splitboard. 
  • Ski or snowboard boots compatible with your binding. 
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski climbing skins
  • Poles
  • Avalanche Rescue Equipment (included) shovel, probe and transceiver. 
  • Clothes depending on the weather. (Preferably thin gloves, shell jacket with a hood, neck warmer, warm hat and ski socks. Avoid clothes made of cotton).

A good backpack that sits relatively tight to the body but still allows you to move freely is good to have. If it has the option to fix skis to the sides, that is a good advantage point as well.


  • Backpack (about 30-40 liters)
  • Lunch / snacks (if not included)
  • Water bottle (about 1 liter)
  • Sunprotection
  • Wind sack / bivy shelter (included)
  • Small first aid kit (including tape and bandaid for blisters)
  • Ski helm and goggles
  • Extra layer for warmth (for example, neck warmer, thick gloves for going downhill, down jacket or dry shirt)

Some items are good to bring along but it is not something we require of you on single day tours. Sometimes they can stay in the backpack and sometimes we will leave them in the cabin.


  • Map and compass
  • GPS
  • Head torch
  • Camera
  • Extra batteries
  • Reparation kit
  • Some tape
  • Ski strap
  • Small multitool

It is usually nice to bring some extra items to the basecamp – that means you can adjust clothing and equipment every day depending on weather and conditions.


  • More underwear layers and ski socks
  • Clothes to wear in the cabin
  • Towel, toiletries and bed sheets (depending on your accommodation

Packing lists for other activities coming soon.


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