Fjell to Fjord: Hut-to-Hut Hiking in Sweden-Norway

A Signature-trip for Deep Wild Scandinavia as you will get to experience the best of the two countries and pass through the Abisko National Park. The area is rich in culture and boasts many untold histories from the Second World War. At the same time you get to experience majestic nature with wild rivers and grand valleys leading us down to the fjords of Norway.

Untold stories of the past

9700 SEK per person

4 Days | Abisko, Sweden

From the highlands to the sea

Like the King’s Trail but wilder, shorter, sweeter, and with dramatic history following us along the way. Such could this trip be described, but the hiking in itself justifies making the trip. Cross rivers and navigate your way through valleys to the fjords of Norway and sleep in the huts used by the resistance movement during WW2.


July – September



A day on the trail…

The autumn colors of the Abisko National Park and the sight of a Capercaillie yesterday had left us in a good mood. Today, the air is crisp and cold like an autumn morning can be before the sun really gets a chance to provide much heat. The night was spent in bunk beds with a few other hikers but today we are heading off the much more populated King’s Trail and hiking west towards Norway. But before leaving the cabins we need to make sure we top up on coffee, breakfast and packing our lunch bags. Getting ready is essential; the valleys of this region can act as tunnels where the wind is compressed and blows much harder – and the further we go, the higher elevation we gain and the steeper the mountain sides become. 

Next hut we are staying in is one of the smallest ones used by the Swedish Tourism Association. During WW2 it used to be an undercover operations base for the Norwegian resistance movement and there are many stories regarding the skirmishes in these lands. Officially, Sweden was neutral, but secretly helped the Norwegians, trained by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), equipped by Special Intelligence Service (SIS also known as MI6) and funded by the Americans Office of Strategic Services (OSS, which later became CIA). 

Are you looking to learn more about the history of this area in the Arctic parts of Sweden and Norway, while hiking from one country to the other – from Fjell to Fjord? Do not hesitate to book one of our limited spots on this rare hiking adventure.  

Why did we create this trip?

We like to hike in interesting areas and not just for the sake of putting one foot in front of the other. By hiking from Abisko to Narvik we get to experience many different things in a relatively short distance.

The richness of this trip amazes in terms of nature, culture and history. At the same time ticks the boxes of having huts to stay in, logistics of getting there and back. It also has a trail system to make the hiking a bit easier and allowing us to leave a lesser mark than when hiking off the paths. 

Who is this hut-to-hut hike for?

We created this hiking trip between Sweden and Norway for the curious hiker who wants to experience the cultures and discover the untold stories of the Second World War in a lesser-known area.

All while hiking at a mellow pace with a light backpack between huts and seeing how the landscape of the inland changes as we approach the North Atlantic Ocean.


5-8 September 2024 (Thursday to Sunday)
4-7 September 2025 (Thursday to Sunday)
3-6 September 2026 (Thursday to Sunday)

To offer a private trip, we need a group of at least 4 persons. We can then find dates that suit you and help you with travel and accommodation alternatives.

Preliminary program

Day 1

The first day will be spent in Abisko National Park and together with eight other national parks in Sweden were the first ones in Europe to open up. The reason was to spare an area with high-nordic mountain nature and as a memorial site for scientific research. 

Still today there is a research base at the village but now it is more famous for tourism. 

Often in Abisko National Park, it is also easy to spot wildlife such as Capercaillie and Ptarmigan, Moose and Reindeer. 

We will be exploring the National Park the whole day, while hiking close to a river with crystal clear water. 

Day 2

Waking up in mountain cabin during the autumn is great. Usually the slightly colder weather means that we can bring more fresh food. 

Today we will continue along the river and head up towards the tree line. Most of the day will be spent in relatively sheltered terrain and by the end of the day we will get to experience some more exposure as we get closer to the cabin. 

Day 3

On the third day we will aim to cross the border to Norway. The terrain gets a bit more rugged, the valleys a bit deeper and the many glaciers more visible. Luckily, our backpacks are a bit lighter and despite being a long day with many kilometers under foot we arrive happy and filled with energy at the next cozy cabin. The dinner is usually a good finale for this evening before everyone goes to sleep. 

Day 4

The last day is more than just that. It is this day that we will hike out to civilisation. But before reaching the sea we will have to navigate through a small but steep valley, surrounded by glaciers and jagged peaks. 

The last part of the journey with the sea in view is descending down to sea level, after which a transfer will take us to central Narvik where we celebrate and finish at a local café. 

Included in the price

International Mountain Leader (UIMLA) with a passion for history

Safety Equipment

Accommodations in 3 mountain huts

All meals from lunch day 1 to lunch day 4

We carry and cook the food together as a team. 

Transfer to Narvik after the trip

Pre-trip online meeting

A 1-hour online video meeting ensures you feel welcome and prepared. 

Starting location:

The trip starts in Abisko, Sweden on the morning of day 1 and finishes in Narvik, Norway on the afternoon of day 4. For those that wants, we will meet in the evening before the trip for a chat in the lobby. 

To get to Abisko, it is very easy to fly to Kiruna and take a taxi to the meeting spot. You can also Fly to Narvik and take the train. Another idea is to fly to Stockholm and then take the sleepers train that arrives around lunch-time the day before the trip starts. 

In Abisko there are accommodations so you can stay before the trip but they must be booked in advance.  

Difficulty and Prerequisites:

This is a hut-to-hut trip, which means that it may be difficult to stop the trip once started. We usually hike about 16-20 km each day and avoid too much elevation. We class this trip as intermediate, but with the right attitude and normal fitness you will have a great time.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Packing list:

Some clothing including shell layers, a head torch, backpack of about 40 liters, travel sheet and hiking boots that you like and have experience hiking in. A more thorough packing list will be sent in advance, but requires no specialist equipment.

Good to know:

Please mention if you are allergic to something, have special dietary needs, or take medication for anything on a regular basis when booking. Also make sure your insurance covers this activity and that your equipment is in good condition. Please verify your travel details and flight times before booking travel to/from the trip.

Cloudberries can often be found along the way during summer and taste delicious on the breakfast porridge or as topping for a dessert. 


Let the Scandinavian environments inspire you so that you will return home with new ideas on how to deal with the everyday. We know how to charge the batteries for real and building teams on conference activities.