Three Peaks in Jämtland

Guided Ski Touring Trip in Snasahögarna Massif
Ski touring in perhaps Sweden’s most easily accessible Ski Touring area Snasahögarna close by Storulvån.

Nice Days on the Top

4700 SEK per person

3 Days | Snasahögarna, Sweden

Accessible Peaks

Are you longing to get out and enjoy ski touring in the spring sun? At an easy pace, we tick off the area’s finest peaks and find the best snow. You decide on accommodation yourself, but we are happy to advise!


February – April



Ski Touring with a Guide

Backcountry skiing, randonee or ski touring. Call it what you want, but it’s lovely. This package in the Snasahögarna Mountains, which we call Triss i Toppar, long, beautiful tours are offered in what is probably Sweden’s most easily accessible area. The slope are mostly to the east, which means that when weather comes in from the west, the snow usually falls on the “correct” side of the mountain.
This tour suits you who feel that you can probably handle ski touring yourself, but still want to hang out with a guide who supports and shows the way. So it is not a course, although the guide can help if needed or teach some secret tricks. The focus here is the experience itself with good snow and fine peaks.

This tour is very suitable for groups of friends or families – let us know and we will arrange a date that suits you!

Calendar 2024

  • 22-24/3 Fri-Sun
  • 12-14/4 Fri-Sun
  • For at least 4 persons we can arrange more dates on request.

    Preliminary program

    Day 1
    The first day we start with a little introduction to the days and the plan for the day. Then we quickly go through the equipment and do a workshop on avalanche rescue so that we feel ready for the coming days.

    After that, we aim to move up above the tree line towards the first peak of the tour. We eat lunch on the road, maybe we sit down to get the sun in our face or it can be eaten quickly if the weather is a little more gloomy.

    Day 2
    Well rehearsed from yesterday, today’s adventure will be based on weather and avalanche forecast. After that, we aim for a peak a little further away, perhaps Sönner Tväråklump, which is a very nice ski mountain. On the way, we might take a small bonus ride to really maximize the trip. A ride that is often overlooked by most people but is actually one of the area’s best. After the tour, confidentiality applies regarding this!
    Day 3
    Last day and time for the Grande Finale. The area’s highest peak is one of the possible tours although we have some backup options as well. Here you get really large areas to cruise down and we aim to finish at 15-16 in the afternoon for those who may be starting their journey home.

    Included in the price

    Ski Touring Guide for 3 days

    Safety & Avalanche Equipment

    (transceiver, shovel and probe)

    For private trips we can also arrange a package with accommodation, meals and more.

    Optional Add-ons

    Please book well in advance

    Transfer from Åre each day

    Please inquire for details. 

    Rental of skis, skins and poles

    Please inquire for details. We recommend you bring your own ski boots.

    Starting location:

    The tour takes place in the Snasahögarna massif just west of Åre. It is fine to live in slightly different places as long as you have your own car with you. For groups, we can of course also arrange suitable accommodation and start from there. Due to the fact that the road can be closed in bad weather, it is recommended that you do not book accommodation at Storulvåns Fjällstation unless you are a group.

    Difficulty and Prerequisites:

    Normal fitness
    Have tried Ski Touring before.
    Have skied off-piste before.

    Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

    Packing list:

    A list of what you need to bring can be found here. If you have any questions, please ask.

    Good to know:

    Please mention if you are allergic to something, have special dietary needs, or take medication for anything on a regular basis when booking. Also make sure your insurance covers this activity and that your equipment is in good condition. Please verify your travel details and flight times before booking travel to/from the trip.


    Let the Scandinavian environments inspire you so that you will return home with new ideas on how to deal with the everyday. We know how to charge the batteries for real and building teams on conference activities.