Terms and conditions

General terms

General terms for booking and participating.

Booking is done through the form on the website, by email or telephone. The booking is valid after a confirmation from Deep Wild® Scandinavia by email and after full payment.

Deep Wild® Scandinavia is based in Åre, Sweden. Deep Wild® Scandinavia is using an invoice program through Billogram, you will receive a pdf invoice on your email. Payment is due after 7 days and at least 14 days before the activity starts. If the customer does not pay, we will render your booking incomplete and an interest fee of 12% per year, calculated on 365 days per year will be charged you. Companies, governments and organisations can ask for other payment terms.
Payment is made in SEK unless otherwise agreed upon.

Cancelling may be done through email or telephone. Please be aware that you need a confirmation from Deep Wild® Scandinavia through email. Only after this confirmation by email will your cancellation be valid. On all cancellations, an administrative fee of 5% of the total amount, but at least 400 SEK, will be charged and not returned. Except this, the following terms apply:
Cancellations 30 days or more before start, we will repay the whole amount.
Cancellations 29-15 days before start, we will repay 75% of the amount.
Cancellations 14-8 days before start, we will repay 50% of the amount.
Cancellations 7 days or less before start, we will charge the whole amount.

Age limit
18 years and older. Younger participants will be decided case by case, require the signature of a legal guardian and in some case the participation of a legal guardian.

The organizer’s changes before and during the activity.
Deep Wild® Scandinavia is allowed to change the terms and conditions without notice. This includes changes during high seasons. Depending on external factors (such as weather, snow conditions and the group prerequisites, physical abilities, equipment and previous experience), Deep Wild® Scandinavia or anyone hired by Deep Wild® Scandinavia to fulfil the activity can change the program of the activity both before and during the activity. The guide / instructor has mandate to change the tour or cancel the tour whenever it is called upon due to safety issues. Deep Wild® Scandinavia can cancel the activity because of too few participants and shall give notice to all participants in a reasonable amount of time. In case Deep Wild® Scandinavia cancels the activity because of too few participants, the whole fee including the administrative fee shall be repaid without unnecessary delay.

The participant’s responsibilities and duties during the activity
The participant has a duty to follow the instructions and restrictions by the guide, Deep Wild® Scandinavia, or any other persons that Deep Wild® Scandinavia hires to fulfil the activity. The participant has a duty to respect the rules of conduct and to behave in such a way that he or she does not bother other participants in an unnecessary way.
Participant that departs from the activity or the area of the activity has a duty to notify the guide or other person within Deep Wild® Scandinavia.

Participants are also responsible to bring clothes and equipment that is necessary to fulfil the activity and make sure these are in well condition in comparison to the activity. Deep Wild® Scandinavia may provide some equipment, please see each activity page on the website to make sure what is included in the price.

This is included in the price
The price includes VAT (6%) and the fee for participating if nothing else is stated. For more information about what is included, please see each activity page on the website.

Privacy policy
Deep Wild® Scandinavia will handle your personal details with care. We will never sell your information and we will not share your details with third parties unless agreed upon before (examples may be when you need to rent equipment with a third party through us). We will not send any spam and you can ask to receive any information we have about you, in some cases they can be deleted or anonymized in our systems. Our only purpose with your personal details, is to make sure we can deliver a good product to you as part of our commitment to fulfil the contract. For questions regarding how we handle your personal details, please send an email.

With reservations for errors and price changes.

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General terms and conditions

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