Weekend Canoe Trip

Join us on the best canoeing river in Jämtland on this 2-day weekend trip. The majestic nature experience is waiting for you and basically all you have to do – is to show up on time.

Wild camping by the river

4300 SEK per person

2 Days | Östersund, Sweden

Nature boost on a weekend

Friday evening. You get onto the night train in Stockholm or south of Sweden, heading for Östersund. Saturday morning you get off. We will meet you here and the rest is taken care of. Before you lie two days of canoeing with many impressions from the river, cooking food over an open fire, and sleeping in tents under the star-filled sky. Warm summer days or crisp autumn air – no matter which, you will have gotten a true nature boost when you get on the train again on Sunday evening, ready for another work week when you wake up Monday morning.


June – October


Beginner – Intermediate

This is included

We will arrange local transfer from Östersund to the river and back, but you could bring your car if you wish. During the trip, a guide will be with you or close by at all times. You will get to borrow the canoes and river equipment such as personal floating devices and paddles but you would have to bring your own clothes for the trip. With us in our canoes will be tents and you will get your own 2-person tent to sleep in, and you will have to help out pitching the tent and making camp. If you are booking for two persons or more there is the option to share a tent. You would have to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mattress, but you could rent it from us if you specify this well in advance. In regards to food, we will bring all the ingredients with us on the trip, and everyone will have to help out fetching water, making fires, and cooking food. When we get hungry or need a coffee we paddle to the shore and fix it – simple as that. If you would like a shower after the trip, this can most often be solved.
If you have any questions, please reach out.

Please contact Markus for more information

Dates for the next season will be put up on the website during late summer / autumn, but it is already possible to make requests.