End of Winter

Another winter season is finished and oh boy what a season! Huge thanks to clients and partners! Now time for some rest and a few summer tours and planning the next winter. Thus I can be a bit hard to reach. I try to check my email once in a while. Enjoy the warmth!

The Wild Scandinavia

Deep Wild Scandinavia is a company that offers outdoor experiences, courses and adventures. We are based in the heart of the Scandinavian mountain range – Jämtland, Sweden. Access to the continent through Trondheim is just a few hours away but with endless wilderness access.

Experience the unique nature up north and the magic mix of mountains, forests and streams.

Welcome to join the adventure.

Selection of tours and courses

Hut to hut Nordic Skiing Vålådalen

Nordic Skiing

8900 SEK per person

4 days | Jämtland, Sweden

Ski Touring Weekend Almdalen

Ski touring

7800 SEK per person

3 days | Jämtland, Sweden

Powder Skiing in Borgafjäll

Ski touring

8950 SEK per person

4 days | Lapland, Sweden

Custom Hiking Adventures

Let us help you make your wilderness trip in Scandinavia come true.

The Right of Public Access:

Learn more about the right of public access and what is allowed to do in the Swedish nature.


Let the Scandinavian environments inspire you so that you will return home with new ideas on how to deal with the everyday. We know how to charge the batteries for real and building teams on conference activities.

About Deep Wild Scandinavia

Deep Wild Scandinavia has a distinct target focus, and works with safe and professional methods. Based in Åre, Sweden, we have the Scandinavian mountains and the wilderness just around the corner.

News and inspiration

Inspiring news and tips from the outdoor world.

New tours for winter 2024

New tours for winter 2024

New tours for the winter 2024September 2023, by Markus NymanWith great joy... With great joy, I have managed to put together some really good packages that I think will be very successful. They are currently up on the website and the easiest way to book is by sending...

How Sweden Became a Full Member of UIMLA

How Sweden Became a Full Member of UIMLA

My story from within the Swedish Mountain Leader Organisation and how we successfully became members of the Union of International Mountain Leader Association, also known as UIMLA.