9 days Sarek National Park Trek

Join us on an expedition to the greatest wilderness of Europe.

3 days Hiking in Vålådalen Nature Reserve

Still unknown to many international visitors, this gem in the heart of Jämtland is well worth a visit with lots of cultural sites and terrain features.

2 day Ski Touring Course in Jämtland

Do you wish to learn how to do ski touring in mountain terrain? In this course we will give you a broad base of skills and knowledge to start ski touring by yourself. Perfect for the skier who wishes to take on new terrain beyond the ski lifts.


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The Wild Scandinavia

Deep Wild Scandinavia is a company that offers outdoor experiences, courses and adventures. We are based in the heart of the Scandinavian mountain range – Jämtland, Sweden. Access to the continent through Trondheim is just a few hours away but with endless wilderness access.

Experience the unique nature up north and the magic mix of mountains, forests and streams.

Welcome to join the adventure.

Recommended Tours & Courses

Our most recommended tours and courses.

3 days Hiking in Vålådalen Nature Reserve

Deep in the wilderness of Jämtland lies the Vålådalen Nature reserve, still pretty unknown to most international travellers.

Outdoor Conference

Gather the team for magic outdoor experiences. An excellent way to boost the creativeness and energy.

9 days Trekking in Sarek National Park

Explore the greatest wilderness of Europe on this 9 day expedition through the heart of this national park. An experience of a lifetime with a profound feeling of adventure.

Ski Touring Basic Course

Meet likeminded, have fun and learn how to do ski touring. New skills and fun guaranteed.

Custom Hiking Adventures

Let us help you make your wilderness trip in Scandinavia come true.

The Right of Public Access:

Learn more about the right of public access and what is allowed to do in the Swedish nature.


Let the Scandinavian environments inspire you so that you will return home with new ideas on how to deal with the everyday. We know how to charge the batteries for real and building teams on conference activities.

About Deep Wild Scandinavia

Deep Wild Scandinavia has a distinct target focus, and works with safe and professional methods. Based in Åre, Sweden, we have the Scandinavian mountains and the wilderness just around the corner.

News and inspiration

Inspiring news and tips from the outdoor world.

Mountain Cabins of Sweden Summer 2020

A lot is changing in the mountains this summer. But a lot also stays the same. Right now, the Swedish Tourism Association (STF) is preparing to open the huts of the Swedish Mountain Range. Usually the huts are open to anyone passing by and you do not have to pre-book...

Most common mistakes when hiking

To go out on a hike is a wonderful experience but there are a few things that can ruin it all. We have all been beginners once upton a time. Here are some of the problems we face when mountain hiking. Mistake number one: Not getting out of the couch. Okay, the most...

Swedish Right of Public Access

About the Right of Public Access Sweden has alot of mountains, forests, archipelagos, rivers, lakes, and beaches for you to discover. But what makes the Swedish nature so special is the right of public access, which is regulated in law, and provides everyone in Sweden...