New tours for the winter 2024

September 2023, by Markus Nyman

With great joy…

With great joy, I have managed to put together some really good packages that I think will be very successful. They are currently up on the website and the easiest way to book is by sending me an email at

Three peaks Ski Touring

A name from the time when Fjällfest was organized and as the name says, the aim is to reach 3 peaks. Although the original program did these 3 peaks in one day, here we spread it out over a long weekend. In this way, you have time to go through a quick overview of avalanche rescue and brush off your ski touring skills.

This tour is made for beginners or those who feel that they do not want to do such advanced tours where you only chase vertical meters. Perhaps a “pleasure tour” is a better word than a beginner’s tour. So don’t forget the coffee thermos and Swedish Fika!

The idea is to live in Åre or close by, as the road to Storulvån is a bit unreliable. That way, you won’t get snowed in, and if the weather is still that bad, we might want to come up with something else. In Åre there are also accommodations in all different price ranges and everyone in the family may not want to spin the Skistar Ski system for a whole week – then this tour is perfect.

Here you will find the Three Peaks Ski Touring trip

Hemavan – 2 hours from Stockholm

A long weekend where we get together on Thursday afternoon and cook dinner together to go over the weather forecast and plans for the coming days a little more thoroughly. After that, we have Friday to Sunday out on the mountain with accommodation in a mountain cabin and ski touring. Here it is important to get along and help each other. Wood must be chopped, water must be fetched. Food must be prepared and dishes must be washed. But nice views must also be absorbed. There will probably be time for both a bit of high-pulse and time for reflection.

At the time of writing, flight times to / from Hemavan are also being released, which makes it possible to get a lot done in a weekend, without spending too much time on travel.

Here you will find the tour to Hemavan

Phillipshaugen Lodge in Sunndal

In May 2023, I had the privilege of guiding a group to a nice magazine in beautiful Sunndalsøra with accommodation at the historic Phillipshaugen Lodge. Almost a little too sunny days met us there and the theme is short and sweet to find the last snow. Likewise, there will be tours for spring 2024 in this area.

The accommodation itself is very beautifully situated and it is not far from the fjord landscape where the mountains go straight down to the sea. Even the food looks good and tastes divine after just over 1,000 meters of altitude in the legs.

This tour has been selected for you who are a somewhat seasoned bakcountry skier, you have a decent grasp of how your equipment works without being an expert for the sake of it. You also like the idea of skiing so late in the season that your friends back home wonder if it’s too late to start growing strawberries in the garden country.

Weekend at Phillipshaugen – read more

Lovely turns 1400 meters above the fjord.

Classics of Romsdalen – Ski Touring

If you want to hunt classic backcountry tours, you are hereby invited to join us in Åndalsnes in Romsdalen, which is also located by a fjord in a magical mountain landscape. Here, we are not aiming for the most adrenaline-filled rides, but rather long rides with a suitable slope and large open fields. The big-mountain-feeling is still present, of course, but the orientation is for those who want to be out on long days with many meters of altitude at a reasonable pace. No stress, but also no need to spend a lot of time on unnecessary things.

The accommodation is a shared cabin where you share a room with someone else and where we cook all the food ourselves. We live with “ski tour in / ski tour out” so that you can put on the climbing skins at the door.

Classic ski touring mountains, but also a classic arrangement with exercise, beautiful mountains and sea, food and good sleep.

More info about Classic top tours in Romsdalen

Classic ski touring in Romsdalen – perhaps a classic tour with Deep Wild Scandinavia?

Off piste intro course

Over the years, we have had many participants on our courses and tours and realized that many wish they were better at downhill skiing. We have thus created an off-piste course that we will run this winter on open dates where anyone can sign up, and for private parties.

In this way, there is an opportunity to train further and you may be able to focus more on enjoyment during one of our guided tours.

The idea is also to make the courses more module-based. In other words, you can put together your own package of, for example, an off-piste course, followed by an avalanche course and then a ski touring course. Then you are pretty well equipped to keep up with future tours or start going on your own easier summit tours.

Here you will find the off-piste course

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